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Calligraphy Gift Tags - Ashlyn Writes

"Pretty a Package" Series

A lover of lovely words is one way to describe my friend Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes. Ashlyn not only writes words beautifully through her elegant penmanship, she also pens eloquently for many succeeding brands. Today I am honored to share what fills Ashlyn's days along with some oh-so-pretty tags she sent me!

I write bespoke, meaningful words two ways -- both for creative women as a copywriter & calligrapher for brides! I worked in media and marketing for a decade, serving businesses and writing copy for brands like Delta Air Lines, Southern Living, and Chick-fil-A ... and all along filling calligraphy orders at night. I took on my first bride about 5 years ago. I left my job as a publicist to go full-time with my calligraphy and editorial writing business in 2016 -- and realized there were lots of creative women fumbling with their message and sales copy (you can take the girl out of the PR agency ... ). 

I'm a voice behind launch copy for clients like Hilary Rushford, Jenna Kutcher, Heather Crabtree, and Mary Marantz, but have time to squeeze in a few full-service brides, too!

I hail from Montgomery, Alabama, so classic, ecru and black formal copperplate calligraphy is deep in my bones. To be honest, in a world where modern calligraphy is everywhere, I'm more comfortable with the old school stuff! I tend towards European hands and lots of flourishing. I offer a tidge bit of modern calligraphy, like these tags, but mostly I'm a go-to for the old world look!

We offer one calligraphy package, and it's full-service wedding suites. I'm a bit of an etiquette nerd, so on the calligraphy side of our business, we make sure that our brides are at complete ease with every single invitation that's addressed. Everything's managed in the south, from printing to packaging! On the copywriting side of the business, we serve wedding industry creatives working to clarify their message and find their voice so they can get leads, get sales, and get launched. We offer 4 one-on-one packages: a website copy package and 3 launch copywriting packages. I tend to be similarly nerdy in the realm of email sequencing and funnel mapping (I know how to pick 'em, right?), so that's a fun way to serve the wedding industry!

These gorgeous envelopes addressed by Ashlyn can be found on her website!

Thank you, Ashlyn, for sharing your beautiful work and words with us! To learn more, visit Ashlyn at and @ashlynscarter.


Pretty headshot of Ashlyn by Callie Lindsey

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