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Calligraphy Gift Tags - Invite Alice

"Pretty a Package" Series

You've probably heard it before, "Presentation is everything," but have you ever experienced it? Imagine someone gives you a gift you've always wanted, but its in a crumpled paper bag. How would you feel at first sight? I'm sure your first reaction to the gift would be that they didn't put any love or thought behind it. Do you get excited when you see the lovely yellow packaging from Kendra Scott or the signature blue box and bow from Tiffany's. Those exquisite details prepare us for what's inside.

The Welcoming District is here to help inspire you to put as much thought into the presentation as what you're giving. Welcome to the first of many features on beautiful calligraphy that you could use to pull together your gift presentation and "Pretty a Package." We'll be featuring many calligraphers with all different styles so you can decide which type is perfect to pull your gift together.

Up first is my dear calligrapher friend, Allie. I had the pleasure of being one of her roommates at the Creative Founders Conference in Pensacola, FL this past March. Her smile is contagious and her talents have led her to do work for the jeweler we all love with the lovely yellow packaging. ;) I'll let Allie take it from here as she shares her heart for handwriting.

Hi! I'm Allie! I have been in business for almost two years and have always had a passion for paper and hand lettering. I began dedicating my free time to calligraphy when I knew I wanted to address my own save the dates and envelopes for my wedding. Since then my hobby has turned into my dream job and most days you can find me with a nib in hand and my puppy in my lap.  

I would consider my calligraphy to be more modern than traditional, which can be seen through my signature style. 

I offer calligraphy for place cards, signage and gift tags for events, most of which are weddings. Many of my place cards and gift tags are on unique mediums such as agates (a very popular wedding trend right now), driftwood, marble and many more. I also recently started offering gifts with my signature calligraphy style on them. I am excited for these gifts to bring smiles to those who my clients cherish.

I have to say my favorite product are my agate place cards. They are all so unique in design and color so when I open them up and begin to write on them, I get happy seeing those pretty little things. Then I can’t wait to share them with the bride or client and for them to share them with the people they love.  

Aren't these agate place cards fabulous? (Pictures from Allie's Instagram and Etsy site.) P.S. I spy Kendra Scott!

To learn more about Invite Alice please visit my website and take a look at my instagram @invitealice. I would love to chat with you and discuss any calligraphy needs for your next event! 

Allie, thanks so much for inspiring us all to add these pretty finishing touches to our gifts (and table)!


Pretty headshot of Allie taken by Aislinn Kate Photography

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